#1 YandereSimulator

Yandere Simulator is a great game that is on it December 3rd build, but it is about to come to its January 1st build.  It is a game about a girl named Yandere who is in love with a upperclassman named Senpia. Another girl named Osana~Chan (Who isn’t working in the game yet) and she is in love with Senpia too, but someone named Info~Chan (A girl who sells panty shots to boys and more!) wants something bad to happen to Osana~Chan. You can do a lot  in this game like Kidnap , kill , drown , push off roofs, and more. But Osana isn’t the only one who likes Senpia. Two other girls named Kokona and Oka are in love with Senpia too.
 Now for my Suggestion. YandereDev you do so much for this game and I have made a character for the game and I give you all the legal rights to it.
Let me say this… The Occult Club needs more than one member right >:)
She does look like Oka Ruto and she is suppose to be stalking the girls by the fountain talking, but since I removed Yui it added her to the spot.
Name – Ember Ru
Crush – Senpia
Club – Occult
Strength – Weak
But it says that she likes someone that isn’t Senpia plus it shows that she is in the Light Music club which she is not. The picture shows Yui Rio and she is supposed to behind that tree stalking them.
This is her special info
{“ID”:”2″,”Name”:”Ember Ru”,”Gender”:”0″,”Class”:”32″,”Club”:”5″,”Persona”:”1″,”Crush”:”1″,”BreastSize”:”2″,”Strength”:”0″, “Hairstyle”:”Occult”,”Color”:”Cyan”,”Stockings”:”KneehighWhite”, “Panties”:”Blue”,”ScheduleTime”:”7_7.25_8_13_13.375_15.5_99″, “ScheduleDestination”:”SpawnPoint1_Locker_Hangout_Seat_Hangout_ Seat_Club”,”ScheduleAction”:”Stand_Stand_Stalk_Sit_Stalk_Sit_Stand”},
Ember Ru



Author: branlotheopking

I play so many games, but I think every game could be better so I give makers of the game suggestions.

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