#2 YandereSim – Another Character

If you liked my first character thanks! I am proud of it I am not sure if YandereDev is going to put it in the game, but ya.

Here is another one. Saki Miyu doesn’t talk to Kokona secretly anymore so she needs someone else special to talk to right? Right! So here is Lu Miyu
{“ID”:”3″,”Name”:”Lu Miyu”,”Gender”:”0″,”Class”:”15″,”Club”:”7″,”Persona”:”3″,”Crush”:”0″, “BreastSize”:”1.8″,”Strength”:”3″,”Hairstyle”:”TwinTails”,”Color”: “LongGreen”,”Stockings”:”KneehighWhite”,”Panties”:”White”, “ScheduleTime”:”7_7.25_8_13_13.375_15.5_17.5_17.75_99″,  “ScheduleDestination”:”SpawnPoint2_Locker_Hangout_Seat_LunchSpot_ Seat_Club_Locker_Exit”,”ScheduleAction”:”Stand_Stand_Socialize_Sit _Socialize_Sit_SocialSit_Stand_Stand”},

Saki Miyu
Lu Miyu


So more sisters in the game now (If Yandere Dev accpects Lu)


Author: branlotheopking

I play so many games, but I think every game could be better so I give makers of the game suggestions.

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