Final Verison of Lu Miyu!

This is the Info of Lu Miyu  {“ID”:”3″,”Name”:”Lu Miyu”,”Gender”:”0″,”Class”:”15″,”Club”:”7″,”Persona”:”3″, “Crush”:”0″,”BreastSize”:”1.8″,”Strength”:”50″,”Hairstyle”: “TwinTails”,”Color”:”LongGreen”,”Stockings”:”KneehighWhite”, “Panties”:”White”,”ScheduleTime”: “7_7.25_8_13_13.375_15.5_17.5_17.75_99”, “ScheduleDestination”:”SpawnPoint2_Locker_Hangout_Seat_ LunchSpot_Seat_Club_Locker_Exit”,”ScheduleAction”:”Stand_ Stand_Socialize_Sit_Socialize_Sit_SocialSit_Stand_Stand”},

I wouldn’t want to get in a minigame battle with her she is stronger than a teacher.


Author: branlotheopking

I play so many games, but I think every game could be better so I give makers of the game suggestions.

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